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“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

An Solas Sí is Gaeilge or Irish and refers to the will-o’-the-wisp light of forests, marshes, and swamps.

  • The = An (Pronounced Ahon (click here for sound)
  • Light = Solas (Pronounced Sallus (click here for sound)
  • Fairy = Sí (Pronounced Shee, as in Banshee (click here for sound)

This Fairy Light is spoken of in the faiths, folklore, and traditional legends of cultures around the world; the St. Louis Light in Saskatchewan, Paulding Light in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Maco light of North Carolina, The Spooklight in Southwestern Missouri, Marfa lights of Texas,  Feu Follet of the Louisiana Swamps and Bayous, Boi-tatá of Brazil, La Bolefuego or La Candileja of Colombia and Venezuela, Min Min Lights of the Australian Outback, Luz Mala of Argentina and Uruguay, the Naga Fireballs on the Mekong in Thailand, the Hessdalen light in Norway.

Ancient myths, religions, folklore, and current urban legends ― all attribute these lights to elemental spirit forces, gods, fairies, elves, ghosts ― while evidentiary science tells us they are born of natural phenomena such as bioluminescence or chemiluminescence, this as a practical matter is less important than the tens of millions who over countless centuries have been lost forever, led astray from finding a safe course to harbour, the path home.

For storytellers of every tradition throughout the ages, the fairy light has been used as a narrative device illustrating how a comforting, deeply held belief, a hope, or goal can lead one on spellbound, only hopelessly lost unto misery, bitterness, ruin, death.

Art + Science = Culture | Technology Indistinguishable From Magic

To Optimize Human Strengths, To Accommodate Human Limitations

Economic Democracy for Social Democracy

Λn Solas Sí was chosen as a metaphor because our immersive, experiential performance environments are in large part intended to illuminate how many attributes of our world civilization are false lights leading us to destruction as individuals, cultures, as a species.

It also references the central, recurring vehicle of this performing arts troupe, that of technology indistinguishable from magic, with the first introduction to the public, a reinvention of shadowplay theatre, one that in all ways appears ancient, but invokes a sense of otherworld presence that that that even explanation in no way alters the perception.

This is just one of a great many instruments employed in our method of communication by demonstration, the better to pierce the veil of perception, bridge barriers to comprehension, and express what we have been, what happened to bring our civilization to this point, and what steps we must be willing to take if our world is to thrive.

Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience

Ecocentric Live-Learn-Make Cooperative for Communications, Performing Arts, Content Development, Intellectual Property Management

Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST

My application was to end all traffic fatalities by making all roads smart roads, shrouding them in adaptive clouds of flocking sensors, creating a perfect image of every vehicle, predicting accidents, and reducing their probability before they happen by communicating with vehicles that are far less intelligent and expensive than any individually autonomous Tesla.

Smarter safer roads for all, but not smarter vehicles for the elite few. The Ai that exists was created with a bias for recognizing Light-Skinned European looking people and Dark-Skinned Peoples infamously the worst.

After watching the reaction of White America to the perceived threat of Dark-skinned People of both America and ” Shit Hole Countries” I ask you to give a thought to who is most likely to fatally suffer the most from the misuse of these technologies.

Who needs a wall when you can quietly exterminate desperate crossing the desert, and openly crossing at border roads, and arriving at any airport?

We could use this to save lives, to optimize human strengths, to accommodate human limitations, but that just isn’t who we keep choosing to be.

Over and over we chose self-centred fear over faith, and over reason, the pursuit of wealth and power over the perfection of our union, through democratic ideals and equal justice under law.

Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison Gave Us New Eyes To See | Sojourners’ Ministries

How speculative imaginations are providing tools to act for change.

“Then, as now, I consider art’s greatest function to be its capacity for expanding our conceptions of reality, not simply acting as moralistic propaganda. After all, the foundational thing you learn in art history is that the first artists were mystics, healers, and spiritual interlocutors — not politicians.”
Faith-Marie ZAMBLÉ

The idea that somewhere, sometime, some variant of hominid created art free of politics requires a feat of mental gymnastics that leaves me personally in awe.

This applies a modern understanding of the terms mystics, healers, politician to a historic context utterly foreign. From the oldest records known it a matter of fact that for millennia mankind saw no clear lines of demarcation between gods, kings, mystics, healers, scribes — and even now, the vast majority cannot discern between science and supernatural belief.
Muirén Ní Sídach

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Lake Dwellers of Ancient Ireland | Ali Isaac

Ireland has its fair share of water lore and mythological aquatic creatures. As a small island surrounded by the sea and liberally sprinkled with very many lakes, it’s hardly surprising.

Our ancient ancestors believed that the way to the Otherworld, also known as Tír na nÓg, or Manannán’s land, lay west across the sea beyond the ninth wave, or through the crystal waters of lakes, rivers and wells. These entrances to the Sídhe World were guarded, accessible only to the bravest, or some might say, the most foolhardy.

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