The LΛRP Ɖeӎonstration Ξngine | Culture As A Technology

Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience is intended as a collaborative cooperative corporate culture of attraction, rather than promotion. We own a form of anti-commercialism based on action research and design, a cultural technology that substitutes the weaponized social science that furthers a mass consumer agenda with a unique live-action role-playing (LARP) that operates on multiple levels internally and close engagement with our patronage.

The LΛRP Ɖeӎonstration Ξngine is the branding of our proposed virtual production system. Its use enables every aspect of exploration, experimentation, design, development, productionalization, and personalized delivery with a deliberate humanic bias.

Within the system, tasks are painstakingly analysed and assigned with systemic tasks best served by adaptive automation assigned to machine intelligence in order to afford humankind the time and resources to exercise human faculties, creative human talents, collaborative human problem-solving skills, all continuously being honed to their peak.

Progressively affording physical and psychosocial health and fitness, to optimize human strengths, accommodate human limitations.