A City Built on Water Is Running Out of It

The problem is NOT about water but the poor decision-makering system that led to the water problem and the larger issue of environmental Management and climate change.

This happens all over the world because we keep electing people affluence into office where they set policies based on the perspective of their social class.

If access to high quality education wasn’t based on social class, creating a rigidly stratified class system that wouldn’t be as likely to happen. However, people don’t want to change or stop the class system, they just want a higher status seat at the table and the comforting fiction of justice.

Even on those rare occasions when people who don’t come from affluence get elected, their lack of opportunity for the same quality of education in and out of the classrooms, and worse, if they do fight for and achieve a better education, part of that education ends up infused with the biases of century after century of power and wealth that shaped that academic culture and do we are back where we started.

None of that accounts for the corrupting influence of wealth on the basic function of campaigning for office to a degree of distinction that defies all reason, and which means being compromised by the deals made of necessity to get elected.

This isn’t just Mexico with this problem.

It is the US and everywhere else the public infrastructure is not considered the most important responsibility government serves, but instead that trust between government and people is handed over to the corporations of the Oligarchs.

This privatization at every level of government results in government as Pacification Theater, the comforting fiction of a control designed to keep us from rising up as one, abd sharpening the guillotines for those who deserve it, breaking this hypnotic hold on us, their manipulating us into murdering each other for their benefit.

We have to stop playing their game and find the will to place public good ahead of every thing else.

The environment, the water and quality of food, medical care and medicine must come first.

Fundamental infrastructure of power, communications, transportation must be reinvented as a top priority.

Lifelong education and training must become the norm.

And the collaborative, co-operative decision-makering which defines democracy must be a responsibility distributed across more people at more levels with greater cohesion, transparency, and accountability and valued as the single most important and enabling technology we collectively own instead of a distasteful chore we hire somebody else to do for us so we can get back to our immediate self interests.