Octavia Butler and Toni Morrison Gave Us New Eyes To See | Sojourners’ Ministries

How speculative imaginations are providing tools to act for change.

“Then, as now, I consider art’s greatest function to be its capacity for expanding our conceptions of reality, not simply acting as moralistic propaganda. After all, the foundational thing you learn in art history is that the first artists were mystics, healers, and spiritual interlocutors — not politicians.”
Faith-Marie ZAMBLÉ

The idea that somewhere, sometime, some variant of hominid created art free of politics requires a feat of mental gymnastics that leaves me personally in awe.

This applies a modern understanding of the terms mystics, healers, politician to a historic context utterly foreign. From the oldest records known it a matter of fact that for millennia mankind saw no clear lines of demarcation between gods, kings, mystics, healers, scribes — and even now, the vast majority cannot discern between science and supernatural belief.
Muirén Ní Sídach

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