Augmenting Perception | XIBT Contemporary

An Interview with media artist, Refik Anadol by Alexandra Gilliams
Refik Anadol is a Turkish-American media artist who is broadening the possibilities of art today and in the future. Rather than paint or marble, he uses artificial intelligence and data as material to create mesmerizing visuals that he refers to as “data sculptures” and “data paintings,” as well as immersive installations.

Similar to the changes in the history of art with the invention of the paint tube or photography, he is thoughtfully using new innovations to create art in the 21st century. He does so by using technology that is becoming increasingly embedded in our daily lives: computers, data, coding, and artificial intelligence. How, through AI and coding, can one arrive at visuals that look like water accompanied by hypnotic audio, and are created from marine radar data sets? He is also inspired by the idea of bringing architecture, or the world around us, into the future — what if a building had a consciousness, and could dream?
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