“Thoughts are forms of information, and all information is physical and relational. It ‘feels’ like something to ‘have’ a thought and to ‘be’ a self because we are that information, recursively reflecting on itself in an infinite regress.”
Ralph Lewis M.D., What Actually Is a Thought?

Of all the species that have ever existed on Earth, 99.9 per cent are now extinct. In fact, the one thing this planet earth does better than create life is extinguished it. When humankind’s collective talent for self-destruction, our stubborn refusal to adapt fall in line with the Earth’s natural indifference to our survival, we effectively become the architects of our own extinction.

This message is not to end-users who are largely immune to any string of words longer than 280 characters. Instead, it is aimed at the scientists, experimentalists, technicians, artisans, artists, wordsmiths, and storytellers interested in devoting their lives to creating things, creating an environment, creating experiences that matter.

A well-promoted institutional brand is often an abbreviation for quality of character many of us will presume to trust. People in general, particularly creative people affiliated with an institutional brand, do so to gain access to resources and enhanced influence. Many of us chose not to think too deeply about the institutional resources and wealth that often grows to define our esteem.

To gain a higher seat at the table,

within an unjust system of intersectional racialised class,

is NOT progress, is NOT equal justice; It IS a Bribe!

Addressing climate change, social and economic injustice is not about fixing something or other people. We must individually and collectively consent to challenging our assumptions and being open to new perspectives to embrace a societal discipline of cooperation necessary for adapting to a volatile and ever-changing world.

Λп Solas Sí is the inception cooperative and cultural liaison of the Ɍáıthold Cooperatıve Uпıoп a proposed federated union of cooperative communities based on democratic socialist principles.

We seek to create public-private cultural usability labs, a model of communication by demonstration, allowing people to experientially discover how such communities can work.

Through our efforts, people will see a new paradigm of cooperatives working in concert, systemically filling every social niche from critical infrastructure to the diverse creative communities of practice that research, design, develop, manufacture our buildings, plumbing, lighting fixtures, vehicles, bake our bread, brew our beer, grow and harvest our fruits and vegetables.

Economic Democracy for Social Democracy

To Optimise Human Strengths, To Accommodate Human Limitations

The EcocentricLive-Learn-Make Worker Cooperative for the ArtScience of Communications, Performance, Craftwork, ArtisanshipIntellectual Property and Patent Management