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The Black Elite Won’t Save Us | Jordan McGowan

By Jordan McGowan @ Medium | 2020-09-11

Picture of dozens of young Black, extremely wealthy, men smiling and holding up glasses of alcohol in celebration together.

This is the collective problem we face.


American exceptionalism, rugged individualism, (yes the same ideals professed by colonizers for hundreds of years) whereas long as your circle can escape the realities that the vast majority of Black people face in this country everything is manageable.

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Update on OuterPlace AR

It’s a lot easier to practice high-minded living in a mountain top monastery than to demonstration those same principles among the diverse social currents of a town or city.

ΘuterPlace ΛɌ is part of the so-called brick-n-mortar mission of Λn Solas Si ΛrtScience the demonstration of ecocentric habitation ArtScience that is often indistinguishable from magic.

We propose to accomplish this by the unobtrusive, to the all but invisible use of, cyberphysical utilities embedded within an ecocentric platform, one where we can live, learn, performatively express our vision to Remediate + Re-Green Near-Urban Liminal Spaces.

We seek to co-create an augmented, deeply experiential learning environment, a LARP-like world stage where we share narratives to engage heart and mind, a signal that cuts through the noise of modernity, communicating by demonstration, illustrating both unsettling truths, and perhaps equally unsettling solutions, all within a relatively safe natural and naturalistically built space.

ΘuterPlace ΛɌ
Live + Learn + Make

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