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Preferred Pronouns: She, Her Teknoӎāge, Storyteller, Dramaturge, Musician, Enterprise and Product Architect, Co-operative Capitalist, Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology Advocate

The emergence of heat and humidity too severe for human tolerance | Science Advances

By Colin Raymond, Tom Matthews, and Radley M. Horton

Humans’ ability to efficiently shed heat has enabled us to range over every continent, but a wet-bulb temperature (TW) of 35°C marks our upper physiological limit, and much lower values have serious health and productivity impacts. Climate models project the first 35°C TW occurrences by the mid-21st century. However, a comprehensive evaluation of weather station data shows that some coastal subtropical locations have already reported a TW of 35°C and that extreme humid heat overall has more than doubled in frequency since 1979. Recent exceedances of 35°C in global maximum sea surface temperature provide further support for the validity of these dangerously high TW values. We find the most extreme humid heat is highly localized in both space and time and is correspondingly substantially underestimated in reanalysis products. Our findings thus underscore the serious challenge posed by humid heat that is more intense than previously reported and increasingly severe.

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Building The ƉeӎoΞngine

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
From “Strength to Love” by Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963)

Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience is a Worker-Owned Cooperative Community of Practice for Ecocentric, Socially Responsible Technologies through Action Research and Development.

My name is Muirén Ní Sídach, the founder, enterprise and product architect for what may appear to resemble the culture of planet Anarres, the “Ambiguous Utopia” of the late author, Ursula K. Le Guin in her book “The Dispossessed”.

Though Λn Solas Sí ΛrtScience or ΛSSΛ CO-OP is not based on “The Dispossessed” in any literal sense, it shares common principles, if not any common expression in themes of anarcho pacifism and anarcho-syndicalism.

It also shares common origins, as Le Guin’s novel began as she calls it a “misbegotten” short story that had to wait many years for sufficient experience, knowledge, and insight necessary to transform it into the coherent narrative published in 1974. (Le Guin on Le Guin here)

ΛSSΛ CO-OP is not the whole but only the foundational cooperative and inception team of a federated union of cooperatives. And as such, it functions as a media production company devoted to experiential communication of the federation’s raison d’être, it’s reason for being by Action Research expressed as a new form of Live Action Role Play.

Ɍáithold Cooperative Union (formerly Anarcho Pacifica), through our craft we will demonstrate the relevance and viability of Economic Democracy for Social Democracy. We will show a comprehensive path from our demonstration model of principle-based society, to a replicable, federated model that can be adopted by any community anywhere, who are willing to consent to a higher democracy, valuing this intentional common sense above personalities, personal egos and ambitions.

A general summary of this intentional common sense and the evidentiary science that informs its use in the management and exercise of our relationships can be found by clicking here on “Λbout” or directly at any later time in the navigation menu above.

Note: Please make use of the links provided for greater understanding. Since the founding of the World Wide Web, it has been the custom with online documents, we have therefore added links connecting our language of art to their specific use in context as an aid to our readers who may be unfamiliar with their use. Most links currently lead off-site, however,  for reasons of security and ease of use, an in-house lexicon is in the works.

What is Magical Realism Exactly? | The Writing Cooperative

When using the term Magical Realism it has become clear that people assume they know what it means and worse, they’re never asking questions is one of several unfortunate outcomes.

My inspiration was taken from a rich tradition of Latin literature. I use Magical Realism as a specific template in the adaptation of mythic storytelling, a means syncretizing with nuance, a spectrum of psychosocial themes from diverse cultural traditions, as a light to shine upon our real lives.

I seek to illuminate, engage, provoke personal and collaborative critical-reflection, analysis, and assessment on who we are in the ecocentric context, our real-world environment.

So, give a serious read of this online published material by Tantra Bensko, a gold-medal-winning psychological suspense novelist, writing Instructor, manuscript editor living in Berkeley.

Click here to read her full article, What is Magical Realism Exactly? | The Writing Cooperative

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