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Why Is Society Intent on Erasing Black People in Fantasy and Sci-Fi’s Imaginary Worlds? | The Root

Ashley Nkadi • 2017-11-09 10:00 AM

I was Dean Thomas, appearing ever so often in the halls of Hogwarts, but never enough to truly be seen. I was Daenerys’ personal assistant, whose insight, wisdom and strength were valuable enough to be leaned on, but not exceptional enough to actually be the Breaker of Chains. In worst cases, I was a villain, a miscreant or no one at all—an extra fleeting through a scene too quickly to even be registered.

So why do fantasy and science fiction lack diversity?

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Cultivated Naïveté within Empirical Philosophy

Though the evidence does not support Dewey’s assertion that “we cannot permanently divest ourselves of our intellectual habits”, the main point he makes does hold true and is a cardinal principle in my life. Within our culture of intersectional racialized class, my cultivated naïveté is almost always interpreted as a lack of intelligence and education.

Muirén Ní Sídach

“An empirical philosophy is, in any case, a kind of intellectual disrobing. We cannot permanently divest ourselves of the intellectual habits we take on and wear when we assimilate the culture of our own time and place.
But intelligent furthering of culture demands that we take some of them off, that we inspect them critically to see what they are made of and what wearing them does to us.
We cannot achieve recovery of primitive naïveté. But there is attainable a cultivated naïveté of eye, ear and thought.” 
John Dewey

Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play

Wind-Powered Shadow Play

The silhouettes of the ancient art of Shadow Play are achieved by light penetrating a translucent screen, and this sculpture uses the rotation of the windmill as the power to generate the backlight for the presentation.

Additionally, the wind turns a series of gears and plates that animate the puppets and move the background diorama to create a one-minute shadow theatre performance.

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