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Why Is Society Intent on Erasing Black People in Fantasy and Sci-Fi’s Imaginary Worlds? | The Root

Ashley Nkadi • 2017-11-09 10:00 AM

I was Dean Thomas, appearing ever so often in the halls of Hogwarts, but never enough to truly be seen. I was Daenerys’ personal assistant, whose insight, wisdom and strength were valuable enough to be leaned on, but not exceptional enough to actually be the Breaker of Chains. In worst cases, I was a villain, a miscreant or no one at all—an extra fleeting through a scene too quickly to even be registered.

So why do fantasy and science fiction lack diversity?

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Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play

Wind-Powered Shadow Play

The silhouettes of the ancient art of Shadow Play are achieved by light penetrating a translucent screen, and this sculpture uses the rotation of the windmill as the power to generate the backlight for the presentation.

Additionally, the wind turns a series of gears and plates that animate the puppets and move the background diorama to create a one-minute shadow theatre performance.

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