I am in search of an illustrator to collaborate on concept art for a Realistic Avian Fursuit.

It is inspired by wisps of dreams that faded from memory on awakening. I drafted dozens of pencil and ink renderings of my alter-ego is Wrén, Dryw if you are an Irish speaker, or Limmershin if you speak Alaskan Aleut, (self-names Unangax̂ and Sugpiaq). For some reason, I can draw certain animals but not people.

Below, you can see my composition of a Fairy Wren rendered mostly to share the plumage colouring as I remember it, a fusion of both male and female, with embellishments of my own added. The two mythoi that influenced me are.

Let me also give credit to Rah Bop (https://rah-bop.com) and her alter-ego what she describes as a Kenku named Rue for the impetus that finally pushed me to get busy making my fursuit happen.

Rah Bop, Rue How To . . .

I’ve included two pics of Rue as a reference, courtesy of Rue’s creator Rah Bop