The History of the Color Blue: From Ancient Egypt to the Latest Scientific Discoveries

By Emma Taggart on February 12, 2018 @ My Modern Met

The color blue is associated with two of Earth’s greatest natural features: the sky and the ocean. But that wasn’t always the case. Some scientists believe that the earliest humans were actually colorblind and could only recognize black, white, red, and only later yellow and green. As a result, early humans with no concept of the color blue simply had no words to describe it. This is even reflected in ancient literature, such as Homer’s Odyssey, that describes the ocean as a “wine-red sea.”

Blue was first produced by the ancient Egyptians who figured out how to create a permanent pigment that they used for decorative arts. The color blue continued to evolve for the next 6,000 years, and certain pigments were even used by the world’s master artists to create some of the most famous works of art. Today it continues to evolve, with the latest shade discovered less than a decade ago. Read on to learn more about the color’s fascinating history.

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The Black Elite Won’t Save Us | Jordan McGowan

By Jordan McGowan @ Medium | 2020-09-11

Picture of dozens of young Black, extremely wealthy, men smiling and holding up glasses of alcohol in celebration together.

This is the collective problem we face.


American exceptionalism, rugged individualism, (yes the same ideals professed by colonizers for hundreds of years) whereas long as your circle can escape the realities that the vast majority of Black people face in this country everything is manageable.

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