A curated list of creatives and their work. Works that have percolated to the top of the many articles, reports, essays, scholarly papers, books, videos, films I absorb each week. People with noteworthy ideas, perspective,  and works that I need to remember and comprehend, all posted here, on the off chance another kindred spirit may discover and also find this useful.

― Muirén

Black Box Thinking (Kindle/Audible)
Why Most People Never Learn from Their Mistakes – But Some Do
By Matthew Syed

Race for Profit (Kindle/Hardcopy/Berkeley Public Library)
How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership
By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Where There Is No Psychiatrist (Kindle/Hardcopy)
A Mental Health Care Manual
By Vikram Patel and Charlotte Hanlon

Me and White Supremacy (Kindle/Audible)
Combat Racism, Change the World and Become a Good Ancestor
By Layla F. Saad, Foreword by Robin J DiAngelo

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (Kindle/Audible)
By Reni Eddo-Lodge

The Oxford Handbook of Group Counseling (Kindle/Hardcover)
By Prof. Robert K. Conyne, PhD

Understanding People in Context (Kindle/Audible)
The Ecological Perspective in Counseling
By Prof. Ellen Piel Cook, PhD

Ecological Counseling (Softcover)
An Innovative Approach to Conceptualizing Person-Environment Interaction
By Prof. Robert K. Conyne, PhD and Prof. Ellen Piel Cook, PhD

The System (Kindle/Audible)
Who Rigged It, How We Fix It
By Robert B. Reich

Winners Take All (Kindle/Audible)
The Elite Charade of Changing the World
By Anand Giridharadas

The Common Good (Kindle/Audible)
By Robert B. Reich

Saving Capitalism (Kindle/Audible)
For the Many, Not the Few
By Robert B. Reich

Locavesting (Kindle/Audible)
The Revolution in Local Investing and How to Profit From It
By Amy Cortese

Humanizing the Economy (Kindle/Audible)
Co-operatives in the Age of Capital
By John Restakis

Collective Courage (Kindle/Hardcopy)
A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice
By Jessica Gordon-Nembhard

The Non-Profit Narrative (Kindle/Audible)
How Telling Stories Can Change the World
By Dan Portnoy

Creating Things That Matter (Kindle/Audible/Berkeley Public Library)
The Art and Science of Innovations That Last
By David Edwards

The Myth of Mirror Neurons (Kindle/Audible)
The Real Neuroscience of Communication and Cognition
By Gregory Hickok

The Senses (Kindle)
Design Beyond Vision
By Ellen Lupton, Andrea Lipps

We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy (Kindle/Print)
A Handbook for Understanding and Implementing Sociocratic Principles and Practices
By John Buck & Sharon Villines (About Sociocratic Democracy)

Environmental Psychology: An Introduction (Kindle/Audible)
By Linda Steg, Agnes E. Van Den Berg

Superior: The Return of Race Science (Kindle/Audible)
By Angela Saini

Political Tribes (Kindle/Audible)
Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations
By: Amy Chua (蔡美兒)

The Demon-Haunted World (Kindle/Audible)
Science as a Candle in the Dark
By Carl Sagan (My Previous readings 2015-03-30, 2012-05-06)

Other Minds (Kindle/Audible)
The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness
By Peter Godfrey-Smith

Injustices (Kindle/Audible)
The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted
By Ian Millhiser

The Origins of Political Order (Kindle/Audible)
From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
By Francis Fukuyama

A History of Future Cities (Kindle/Audible)
By Daniel Brook