RéaltaCore 2020-07-02
Cooperative Knowledge Brief 

Though the cooperative’s website at https://solas.si is functionally operational in many regards, it is not socially operational.

The formal membership process is awaiting completion of a multi-stage application form that serves both the applicant and community’s best interests in the formative process, establishing the overarching organizational principles, agenda, and expectations of all parties.

If you are new to this project, my name is Muirén Ní Sídach, and currently, I am the sole source of time, talent, and treasure in the furthering of this project at a sacrifice of more than half my income and nearly every waking moment outside my part-time employment.

Λn Solas Si is role as a production company dedicated to the creating Ɍáithold Cooperative Union (formerly Anarcho Pacifica), a federated network of geographic, geopolitical live-work enclaves and for those of you wish to invest your time and effort in learning how this proposal engenders renewed, ecocentric, and healthier way of life by reinventing critical infrastructure, the replacing a vague social contract with a no-bullshit service-level agreement, systemically reducing the cost of living, managing risk, to Optimize Human Strengths, Accommodate Human Limitations, demonstrating equitable models of Habitation, Mobility, Health and Fitness, Education and Training, Creativity and Productivity.

The most effective use of your time will be joining the temporary Facebook discussion group and engaging in deliberate collaborative cooperative research, design, and development, the building upon the work that has preceded your arrival.

Please save my contact information and reach out to me at any time I can be of assistance.

I bid you peace,

Muirén Ní Sídach
She, Her, Founder, Enterprise and Product Engineer

Λn Solas Si ΛrtScience Cooperative
Location: USA, CA, Berkeley

Points of Contact
+1 510 809 7391 Text or Voicemail
+1 510 275 1174 Facsimile
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