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My name is Muirén Ní Sídach (moor-RAYN ni-SHEE-dak)

I seek your assistance in the founding of Ráithold Cooperative Union dba An Solas Sí, a Live-Learn-Make ArtScience Cooperative for Communications, Performing Arts, Content Development, Intellectual Property Management, the Inception Team and eventual permanent Cultural Liaison for a more advanced proposed federated union.

An Solas Sí ArtScience Cooperative

  • Economic Democracy for Social Democracy
  • Advocate for Ecocentric Socially Responsible Technology
  • Anti-Partisan Political Theatre, Experiential Immersive Learning
  • To Optimize Human Strengths, Accommodate Human Limitations

An Solas Sí ArtScience Cooperative is the harbinger, the inception team, and the eventual permanent herald and cultural liaison for Ráithold.


  • Communication By Demonstration Intervention
  • Collaborative Action Research, Design, Development
  • Experiential Learning, Training, Coordinated Task Deployment

The ideal is to incorporate as a public-benefit non-profit corporation dedicated to research, design, and development in the Arts and Sciences.

With the goal on the near horizon of bootstrapping Ráithold Cooperative Union, the federation proper, as an innovative form of a municipal credit union.

How would a town, city, county organized cooperatively differ from the norm capitalist banking and the implicit anti-democratic class assumptions that no matter what we profess, control the overall organization of a community, specifically in the expression of law and policy?

This proposition explicitly means the formation or reformation of a community based on economic democracy to more effectively inculcate common assumptions of democracy.

Much as a Federal Credit Union is a state-sanctioned (NCUA) federated financial service organization, a cooperative of cooperatives sharing in communal benefits, we mean to parallel this model as the basis for municipal self-governance.

Reconstitution of the social contract as a service level agreement, providing social and economic modelling, decision support, critical infrastructure for its cooperative constituents while educating the public on the virtues of Economic Democracy for Social Democracy by means of communication by demonstration.

There exist innumerable grants for funding artistic expression that we cannot access without 510(c)3 registration. Since there exists no simple boilerplate model to incorporate under, I face a chicken and egg problem barring my path to inception resources, funds, and fiscal sponsorship.

Aside from co-founding board members, a missing critical resource needed in bringing this first step of the journey is expert legal counsel in the form of research the business requires.

Intersectional Racialized Class/Caste and its rich and complex ecosystem are supported by the most intelligent and ambitious people in society. Any enterprise that at the least seeks to mitigate the worst attributes of plutocratic hegemony demands a systemic campaign of equal sophistication.

That clearly means something other than a boilerplate non-profit that is compromised by absolute dependency upon the Non-Profit Industrial Complex that’s makeup and self-interests are aligned with the anti-Democratic, illiberal, monopolistic forces that resist systemic change.

A higher seat at the table within a structurally unjust system is not progressing toward equal justice and opportunity. It is a bribe.

As in chaos theory, our future results largely depend on initial conditions, so I cannot emphasise enough the importance of expertise in discerning the optimal legal form of incorporation.

Past experience has proven that even the composition of forward-looking language in letters of incorporation, is critical, in reducing risk, they might later pose an insurmountable bar to the organization’s legal evolution as a laboratory for public experimentation and usability, the modelling of innovations within a unique model of experiential, immersive education and anti-partisan political theatre.

I also do not have the resources to research the unique application of an Intellectual Property Pool that codifies the rights and benefits of creatives and creative teams (coops) while discouraging anti-competitive gaming of the system, mitigating the anti-cooperative assumption and behaviours, while also facilitating the donation of intellectual property ownership and licensing from external corporations and agencies of the city, county, state, and federal government.

The next-level development of Ráithold is the incorporation or reincorporation of a town, not into a static, utopian “model community” but the dynamic modelling of a municipal cooperative. This first community should be the logical progression of intensive research and development serving as the foundation for the California LAFCo Process of Incorporation.

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In addition to being hardwired into the native common sense, the culture of most people, the legal inequities we seek to redress are also hardwired into the basic assumptions of municipal tax code, and we need to prove our case to be allowed special designation as an experimental incorporated community that conforms as much as is possible to legal precedent.

The consideration here is that while there exist some cooperative friendly governments, cooperatives as a class, are at best, viewed as an accommodation, a niche enterprise model.

Since at least 2009, US cities and towns have adopted legislation and budget initiatives that describe a narrow spectrum of worker-cooperative models that in no way threaten the established order. Since business is the loudest voice by law in our system of government, the interests and biases of corporate capital discourage any concentration of power in the hands of workers.

If unions are barely tolerated,  for example, a Tesla-level tech cooperative, an innovative manufacturer of durable goods from ovens and laundry machines to cars, truck, planes would be viewed as a declaration of war in board rooms and political circles, so the institution of a town incorporated as a cooperative would be viewed as beyond the pale, and literally an anti-American plot against the government, when in reality is a plot against the plutocratic power of corporations.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

Warm regards,

Muirén Ní Sídach (She, Her)
Founder, Enterprise and Product Architect

An Solas Sí ΛrtScience Cooperative
Location: USA, CA, Oakland

Points of Contact
+1-510-809-7391 Text or Voicemail
+1-510-275-1174 Facsimile

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