“The signal in the physical world is the foundation of design. We can understand how the human system works in order to design the most effective signals in a world full of distractions.”

Dano Qualls

The Signal is in this context a “sensory cue”, a clue, a something and or an action, singly or in combination, of sight, of sound, of touch, even smell, be it subtle or gross, it is a feature of the natural or built environment that contributes to and aids in shaping the perception of every living being.

Consciously and unconsciously, the human neuroendocrine system parses the sensed world, managing perceived awareness in rich and complex ways.

This perception management, the extracting and processing of sensory input is among the most powerful expressions of life, and in particular sentient life that we know of.

The ability to manipulate this meta sensory capacity is the vehicle for the highest and lowest expression of human experience, with the finding of ways to unethically influence the behaviour of society a major preoccupation since the dawn of recorded history.

The narratives of our company seek, with your consent, to dramaturgically present human beliefs and understandings formed over countless millennia, across a plurality of cultures, as humankind has striven in fits and starts, to understand the universe, by every means possible “to know” ourselves and the universe we live in at depth.

We hope that this will over time, aid us in forging an intentional common sense, a living mythos that enables widespread collaborative creativity, cooperative problem-solving skills that successfully accommodate our fear-based limitations, and through that collective resilience allow humankind to better thrive as a species.