Womҳn Of The Green Promise uses Traditional Archery as set and setting, a gathering point for discourse on our transition or paradigm shift to a more literally conservative (as in environmental conservationism), socio-economically sustainable and ecocentric cultural framework of values and practices, and a secular movable feast in celebration of the best we have within us to share.

Visit our temporary Facebook Page and the Womҳn TGP Chat Group, for this Classical Athenian sports group for Womxn, with its initial gathering here in the East Bay, Northern California, US, obviously beginning with, but not exclusively the art and science of Archery.

In addition to honing our skill, getting some fresh air and exercise, we will brain-storm practical and specifically co-operative strategies for the critical infrastructure needed for creative individuals and communities to thrive.

Note: The term Womxn is an alternative term for the English language word women and has been in use since 2015 to explicitly include Non-Cisgender Women.

It has been used in a similar manner as Womyn and Wimmin, as a rejection of the English-only etymology of ‘Woman’ from Old English Wifmon (meaning wife-man).














Λ mission of . . .
Location: USA, CA, Berkeley